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Wang Xiao Hui Art Museum

Building area: 1800 sqm
Client: Wang Xiao Hui Art Museum
WXH Art Museum is renovated from “Ding Zhai” project located on Ping Jiang Road in Suzhou Ancient town. We maintained the original Ming dynasty building style and incorporate modern design into the WXH Art Museum. 
In this ancient architecture, there are a lot of Art works and Photography works. We built glass skylight in the courtyard, supported by steel structure. The sunshine flows through roof, and the courtyard becomes an interior space with great sunlight where Museum present Art works. It is a highlight that glass skylight and ground creates an exhibition center. To echo with the glass skylight on top, we lift the courtyard’s bottom and pave the floor with glass. 
Art Museum is divided into four individual exhibition rooms by the vertical depth. The two exhibition rooms in the middle merged into one big exhibition hall, linked with each other by the glass skylight and ground. To create an exhibition space with fluorescence feeling, we used light box with illumination apparatus. Independent fixed box conceal the columns, so that visitors can enjoy a good first impression of the whole exhibition hall and the exhibits can be replaced easily.
Spacious courtyard gives a feeling of vertical depth, the open and flowing space integrated Suzhou traditional Garden spirit. The classical gardens of Suzhou are a compound of residence and garden. People can appreciate it, play with it and live in it. The inner courtyard is an art exhibition space for visitors where people can enjoy the beauty of artistic conception from the art works and nature.